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World renowned engineering consultants ARUP Hong Kong office has expanded into a new office in the Mongkok district of Hong Kong. The firm’s success in Asia has grown the company beyond its elegant 2 floor offices in Festival Walk and the new Mongkok extension came about just in time. Owing to their high-standards, Arup asked the Venues and Acoustics team to come up with an improved concept for the meeting room sound reinforcement systems. Henry Chan, Associate, was tasked with the job and came up with the new concept, which he explains in a conversation with DEN Sound: “Basically, these meeting rooms always use a ceiling speaker system, for practicality and aesthetics, but the sound coming from ceiling not really good enough. Ceiling sound is ok in some settings like a shopping mall or a hotel lobby, where you walk around and sound has no specific direction. But for meeting, the audience is looking at the speaker, or the presentation screen, therefore sound must have a direction to become more intelligible. This is how our brains work.

We found Cornered Audio speaker could blend the need for directional sound and very good aesthetics, which perfectly fit the bill. The change of sound style from ceiling to front which got some eyes from my colleagues in the beginning, finally really surprised them how much better it is. They really love it. I must say Cornered Audio fidelity is very high, which makes a big difference as well compared to ceiling speakers.”

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