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Technical Drawings & Data

CAE GROUPE is a leading European designer and , manufacturer of communications systems suitable for all environments: offices, hotels, hospitals, factories, airports, stadiums, shops, housing, buildings and industry etc. CAE produces 2 ranges of cables for the professional audiovisual industry:

S2CEB is a range of high-end bulk cables for the broadcast, live and stage applications covering analog and digital audio, video, lighting control, speaker cables, multipair systems and optical fibers. Features are high-quality OFC copper, high flexibility, natural rubber jacket and extremely long data transmissions proven over 140m.

LCAE is a range of very cost-effective cable solutions for the built-environment and industrial applications. Applying the European quality control standards to manufacturing and material selection, the LCAE are designed to offer professional performance at the best price which is the requirement of security applications, PA/VA, CCTV, general control system etc.

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