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Gorillaz - LIVE

Gorillaz live in Hong Kong uses NEXO Ps15r2

Launched a year ago the Revision 2 of the famed NEXO PS15 multi-application pro speaker system is already finding its way into the biggest stage of the world. Gorillaz, as other international act, who fully accepted the original PS15 model, are now upgrading to PS15R2, gaining cleaner sound, more SPL and better acoustic control in the process. Powered by racks of NXAMP4x4 (both sides of the monitor desk) giving full 2000W per PS15R2 speaker, and offering efficient gain control to the monitor engineer, the system uses 24pcs of monitor speaker powered by only 6 NXAMP4x4 amplifiers. The system has now become the default monitor system for large international acts at the Asia World Arena, located near Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok Airport


Hong Kong


Nexo PS15R2


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