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Hard Rock Cafe

Pro-United Technology & Engineering Ltd from Hong Kong, worked closely with The Den Sound, to design and to supply and install the AV system into the City of Dreams location.

17 boxes of wall mounted Nexo PS8R2 speakers, two ceiling suspended LS400 800W-rated subwoofers powered by NXAMP 4×1 amplifiers constitutes the BGM system during the daytime when passers-by drop in for lunch and souvenirs. The front of house system consists of 4 Nexo PS10R2 speakers and 2 LS600 subwoofers are added to the mix as the evening hours’ progress. With the flick of a preset switch, the main FOH PA system roars into action when the band takes to the stage in the evening, which comprises of a Nexo GEO S 1210 speaker system, which has been suspended from the 4.0m height ceiling in an L-R configuration, consisting of three cabinets per side. Powered by Nexo NXAmp 4×4 amplifiers, the front of house system is augmented by a single RS18 subwoofer positioned underneath the stage. Four PS10R2 speakers have also been deployed as stage monitors, which have been semi-flushed into the stage allowing patrons a better view of the musicians. Each NXAMP is outfitted with a digital processor, allowing individual assignment to any Nexo loudspeaker.



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