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Island Crest Penthouse

Such was the brief for the project of an American client with long experience in Asian markets and a particular taste for Karaoke, to turn his new super high-end luxury duplex penthouse complete with roof garden and pool, and perched on 55th floor or a new complex towering over Hong Kong western district, to integrate both the ultimate urban living ambiance and the ‘California dream home’ concept.

For such a demanding highly sophisticated project, the designers went naturally to one of HK’s most experienced integrator, LSIS, to design all the Multimedia, Control, and Sound Systems of the residence. Following LSI’s design, all of the areas would be served by piped-music through invisible speakers, media content from networked servers and centrally remote controlled via either iphone or wall-based touch screen panels. These features, would already showcase the most advance home technologies, but the client passion for ‘entertaining guests’ led him to demand even more. A masterpiece multimedia room, with capability for both a 7.1 Home Cinema and a high-end Karaoke complete with professional sound system and touch-screen media server; the living room should feature a sound system capable of hosting DJs and create dance party feel; the rooftop pool would not be complete without a complete ‘pool party’ sound system.

As the client insisted for sound quality in line with the best clubs and karaoke LSI brought on board The DEN Sound Boutique, Hong Kong’s supplier of high-end sound designs and systems. Together LSI and DEN reviewed various speaker models to suit both the sound performance, interior designs and budgets. For the Karaoke room, after listening tests with the client and visits to some of the latest venues, a combination of Nexo PS8, compact 8” speakers with LS400 12” subwoofers, powered by NXAMP4x1 was selected. Fitted with original Nexo wall mounts to keep in line with the ‘form follow function‘ look of Nexo, the PS8 system provided the best performance in vocal naturalness, clarity and ease of singing, which is one of the reason behind Nexo’s success in the highly-discerning Asian Karaoke and Live market.

For the roof terrace and Pool area, DEN recommended a system based on Quest QM108 8” loudspeakers and Quest M210S subwoofers to give extra ‘party feel’. In order to match the outdoor furniture, and integrate the speakers more naturally in the design, a stylish speaker pedestal was conceived by DEN and LSI. This made the speakers fit at the correct height for music listening whether seating or standing and made them blend into the design, giving a hi-fi domestic feel to the professional speakers. In the Living Room, a system of 4pcs of Quest HPI 8 and 2pcs of M210S dual 10” subwoofer powered by Quest QM1000P 3-ch amps was carefully fitted and mounted with specially designed brackets approved by the Interior designer, providing smooth high-definition coverage throughout the 20m long room with full -length windows, creating a soundscape matching the impressive Hong Kong harbour views. A Xilica XP2040 digital processor was inserted in the system to fine tune both the speakers output and room acoustics, and create a perfectly harmonious soundfield matching the atmosphere of the appartment. The system being capable of high SPL output is also ready to play at loudness levels giving club feel and various connections are provided for connecting portable DJ systems.

This realization by LSI with support of The DEN for the entertainment sound systems is a first in Hong Kong and looks to set new standards in high-luxury lifestyle.


Project Partner


Hong Kong


Nexo PS8

Nexo LS400


Quest QM108

Quest M210S

Quest HPI8

Quest 1000P

Xilica XP2040

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