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Le Boudoir

With a nightlife scene dominated by so many run-of-the-mill ‘sleek and stylish’ bars and clubs, visiting a place like Le Boudoir seems almost like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. Located at the bottom end of four dizzying flights of scarlet stairs, this underground bar is the latest project from the team behind perpetually packed French bistro Pastis.


As the name suggests, Le Boudoir is fixed up like the lavish private bedchambers of the bourgeois ladies in 18th century Europe. But in a more stylised approach, the bar fuses traditional opulence with modern kitsch and psychedelia.


The space is wrapped head to toe in vintage wallpaper embellished with framed Renaissance-era paintings, art deco mirrors and a tasteful mishmash of random paraphernalia, including an antelope head and golden Buddha statues.

The point there was to achieve a seamless blending of the music system into the decoration. The solution advisedby The DEN Sound Boutique and installed by Patrice Grant was based on Quest MW801, wall-flushed loudspeakers with focusable tweeters, their metal grilles lacquered in golden paint to become a full feature of the plush interior.
Le Boudoir also pays homage to French bohemian culture with a selection of drinks prepared with absinthe.

At the heart of it, Le Boudoir is less of a bar and more of an experience. While we glorify the detailed décor, quirky atmosphere, and menu of delicious cocktails, it’s Le Boudoir’s daring originality that makes it such a great and interesting venue. And for now at least, this underground space is in a weird and wonderful league of its own.


Hong Kong


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